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Strategic Planning Department

Strategic Planning Department (SPD) is an expert body identifying the key investments in areas of economy and social infrastructure in medium-term time horizon, and quantifying and identifying financial sources:

  • SPD is responsible for continual updating of the National Investments Plan (NIP), monitoring and evaluation of its compliance;
  • SPD collects the pool of projects that are integral part of the NIP;
  • SPD coordinates dialogue with expert bodies of Ministerial and other Central State Administration authorities participating in NIP development;
  • SPD participates with Experts of Local (Self-)Government Departments aiming to merge strategic planning process among regional territorial units (VÚC), municipalities and villages;
  • SPD represents the Minister´s Office in expert bodies established by other Central State Authorities for the purposes of development of strategic decisions and documents in the field of economic and social policy;
  • SPD develops expert views on investments projects for the Minister as well as expert views of economic and social policy documents;
  • SPD cooperates with the Ministry of Finance and the Institute for Strategies and Analysis of the Cabinet (Office of Government of the Slovak Republic) in assessing of economic efficiency of investments projects identified in NIP, using the Value for Money Principle;
  • SPD draws up potential development scenarios of future demands of the nation using international best practices approach, and assess their implementation while developing public strategies.