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Regional development

Regional Development

The Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic (MIRDI SR) provides support for regional development in Slovakia in accordance with the Act no. 539/2008 Coll. on the support for regional development.

Regional Development Section:

  1. Monitors and analyses the economic and social situation in individual regions;
  2. Defines priorities and objectives in support for the regional development, and proposes systemic measures for their achievement;
  3. Launches call for co-financing of programmes to support the achievement of priorities and objectives;
  4. In cooperation with other central and local bodies of the state administration and territorial self-governments, it ensures the creation of legislative, conceptual, strategic and programme documents
  5. Coordinates the preparation of regional development policies and ensures preparation, updates, implementation and evaluation of the National Strategy of the Regional Development of the Slovak Republic;
  6. Provides for the cooperation within the European Union in the area of spatial development;
  7. Cooperates in data collection, creation of analyses, proposals for job creation, etc. with central state administration bodies, departments of regional development of higher territorial units, subjects of territorial cooperation, scientific and academic communities, as well as with socio-economic partners;
  8. Organizes training and conferences;
  9. In cooperation with district authorities, it ensures the creation of Actions plans for the development of the least developed districts, and controls, coordinates and evaluates their implementation;
  10. Provides subsidies to the territorial cooperation subjects for the projects in accordance with the Act on the support for the regional development;
  11. Monitors regional development abroad and cooperates with the Organization for the Regional Cooperation and Development (OECD) and with other international organizations in the area of regional development policy.