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Regional development

The Least Developed Regions

In accordance with the Act No. 336/2015 Coll. on the support for the least developed districts, MIRDI SR adopts measures to support the economic and social development of the least developed districts. The aim is to support job creation, reduce regional disparities, and encourage investments and business activities to prevent young and educated workforce from leaving the regions.

The beneficiaries of support in the least developed districts may be municipalities located in such a district, legal entities and other entities of territorial cooperation in accordance with the Action Plan for the Development of the Least Developed District.

Special support for the least developed districts is provided on the basis of action plans approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic. The support is provided in a targeted manner for each of such districts as each of them has its own, specific causes for lagging behind economically, which require targeted solutions.

More information on the least developed districts: