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Architecture Management

The Ministry of investment, regional development and informatization of the Slovak Republic coordinates the implementation of tasks in the area of informatization of the society, and provides central management of informatization of the society and policy development in the area of the Digital Single Market. The Ministry decides on the use of financial resources for information technologies in the public administration, and stipulates the central architecture of the integrated public administration information system. The eGovernment Architecture Department represents a delivery unit promoting the information society. It plans and systematically supports the development of the eGovernment architecture according to the defined principles, goals and priorities.

The Department oversees the projects in their preparation and implementation phase in accordance with the methodologies, application designs, requirements and best practices; organizes regular trainings and workshops for other public organizations; and coordinates the implementation of the eGovernment information systems with the comprehensive reform of the public administration overseen by the Ministry of Interior. The key objective is to ensure effective use of public resources and a satisfactory level of innovation. One of the key tools is the Enterprise Architecture modeling that allows for precise documentation and analysis of the public administration at all layers (the Motivation, Business, Application and Technology layers), as well as for planning all changes that will arise from various reform initiatives.