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The domain is official

This is the official website of the public authority of the Slovak Republic. The official website mainly uses the domain Links to individual public authorities’ websites can be found at this link.

This site is secure

Be careful and always make sure that you share information only through the secure website of the Slovak public administration. A secure page always starts with https:// before the domain name of the website.

Strategic Documents

In December 2017, several documents that analyse in detail the National eGovernment
Strategy, were elaborated, heard publicly and released, such as:

  • Strategic architecture of public administration;
  • Strategic priority: Multichannel access;
  • Strategic priority: Integration and orchestration;
  • Strategic priority: Data management and Big data;
  • Strategic priority: Government cloud;
  • Detailed EU eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020;
  • Reference architecture of public information systems in cloud;
  • Strategic priority: Interaction with public administration, life events and service
    selection by navigation;
  • Strategic priority: Development of information systems of public administration and
    use of central modules;
  • Strategic priority: Open data;
  • Strategic priority: Communication infrastructure;
  • eGovernment Management Concept;
  • Updated project management methodology for the needs of eGovernment projects.